Hello everybody, hope you’re all well. A couple of days ago my friend Julian came over to mine and we had so much fun together (standard) so I just suggested that we should film a video for YouTube together, Julian loved the idea of doing a challenge video so that’s what we did.

please have a look at the video and let me know your thoughts :) x

oh and one last thing I just wanna say that I enjoy blogging and I should be able to pop in now and then and write a post on my own blog If i want to without getting these comment/emails saying that my blog is not what it use to be. Trust me, I am aware of that and I’m so sorry! :(

I used to have so much more time to blog before.  if you like my blog - great and thank you :)  if not, you might like my snapchat instead :p (helenhaben)


HELLO EVERYONE, welcome back, nice to see ya again!

I know what you guys are thinking. What the hell is she doing? She comes and goes however she pleases, it’s totally my bad and I just had something to get off my chest today so I decided to write a quick post.

On the personal side of things, Tinchy and I have filmed something together which is very exciting, first time I’m gonna be on TV – SO nervous!

And on the fashion side of things is that I am currently slightly obsessed with Missguided As you probably know I’m obsessed with Kim K’s and Kylie J’s style (stylist Monica rose is killing it!) and I always find it hard to find outfits and look hot/sexy/stylish but Missguided ticks all the boxes, I LOVE their midi skirts and the body suits are to dies for!

I am now a fan of online shopping!

I can’t find my socks

I’ve been running around like a maniac trying to find a pair of clean socks, am I the only one who suffers from this problem?! (I think it’s a MAJOR problem and I am suffering) I can never find socks, I keep buying socks but they keep disappearing. Tinch has all these colourful socks – I could easily take a pair of his but I like my low cut black socks. :(

I just had a vent… aaanyhow how are you doing? I’ve had suck a draining week so far! I’ve had a bit of bad news but it won’t stop me moving forward! I’m gonna head out a enjoy the weather today.

PS outfit pictures coming soon. xx

Photo on 23-04-2015 at 12.54 #3

Where the hell have I been?!

Is probably something you all are wondering… To be honest, I have no idea. I’m a master at the art of procrastinating and I find literally every excuse in the book not to sit down and start blogging. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it but I’ve just directed my energy elsewhere (which is a lame excuse, I know)

But about a week ago (insert Bobby Shmurda joke here lol) it hit me, I really miss blogging! I miss interacting with you guys putting different outfits together and just be creative. So here I am again after my second break from my blog. I probably won’t be blogging everyday but I’m gonna be more active and get my blog back to where is needs to be!
In other news – I went back to Sweden for easter which was amazing, I really missed my friends and family and got to spend time with every single person I’ve missed. I even saw my cousins which I haven’t seen I years!
Hope you’ve had a good week so far and I’m happy to be back! x


I was hesitant to upload this outfit look cause of the shirt. I ironed it before I left my house but it got creased on the tube ride over to my friends house. I just its just that kind of material. anyhow here it is :)

IMG_8477 IMG_8487


Sunglasses_Tom Ford // Coat_M&Q // Shirt_Zara // Jeans_Topshop // Boots_H&M


The other day it was one of my best friends Julians birthday. He’s one of the first people I became friends with when I moved to London. He was a freshie from Colombia and me from Sweden and we just clicked and been bff’s ever since! Anyhow what was meant to be a quick lunch ended up being us sitting in a pub talking for hours. To make a long story short a few shots of tequila later we ended up at his house with his flatmates singing Amy Winehouse songs for the rest of the night haha!

Today I’m heading to Central london to meet my good friends Bez and Semira, now that the sale is over I need to head to the shops to see whats new :)

IMG_8497 IMG_8512 IMG_8518 IMG_8524


Hi Guys

I’ve filmed a video and I’m trying to edit it and I’m not even gonna lie, it’s so hard! So until I get the hang of editing please watch these videos I did in the past below. xo

Ps, It was my 1st blog and I had no idea what to film or what I should say haha!